Mission to create homes for future generations

At Milestone, we strive to push the boundaries of the standard understanding of "real estate development," treating our work not as transactions, but as a life mission - a mission to create homes for future generations.

However, we are aware of how responsible this task is. Therefore, we attach the greatest importance to the competence of our specialists.

Everything related to our business starts with a strong foundation - experts with experience in various fields. After all, Milestone is formed by people with different talents, but a common vision.

Meet our team
Arkadiusz Kalinski
CEO | Founder of Milestone
Experienced manager and financier. Since 2007, he has created and led teams of people with unique competencies in both finance and real estate. He managed private companies in the financial market, and since 2018 has co-founded and participated in the establishment of commercial and residential real estate companies. He has participated in numerous private equity and joint ventures in the real estate. Privately, he is a lover of psychology, a dad of three children, and a passionate fan of automobiles, especially motorcycles and rarities from the segment of sports and antique cars.
Pawel Kurpinski
Board member for finance and controlling
Graduate of International Economic Relations and Management and Marketing at the Warsaw School of Economics and postgraduate studies in Real Estate and Development Project Management at the University of Gdansk. He also studied at the Vienna University of Economics. He has been involved with the finance, investment and real estate market from the very beginning of his career, among others by working for the largest financial advisory firms in Poland and the largest Polish lease operator. Privately, he is a father of two daughters, a soccer and mountain hiking enthusiast and an avid pizzaiolo.
Lukasz Zalewski
Board member for sales and marketing
Finance specialist, involved in the market since 2009. Between 2012 and 2017, he brokered multi-million dollar investment transactions. Created and led sales teams, was responsible for arranging and supervising service processes. Awarded the "Banker of the Year" award in 2016 for, among other things, the quality of customer service. He has been actively working in the real estate industry since 2018, gaining experience in high-budget commercial developments during this time. He completed the Stock Exchange School course at the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the investment advisor course at the Association of Brokers and Advisors. Privately, he is a keen amateur soccer player. For years, he has been meeting regularly on the field with, among others, his investors, in order to strengthen relations not only in the business area, but also in the collegial one.
Dorota Mogielnicka
Advisor to the Board of Directors on ESG and sustainability policy
Experienced project manager and sustainability expert. An environmental engineer by education, she is a graduate of postgraduate studies in Architecture and Sustainable Construction at the Cracow University of Technology and Managerial Studies for Developers at the Warsaw School of Economics. Accredited assessor of Green House certification, member of the Polish Green Building Association, lecturer at the postgraduate course "Carbon Footprint and Certification in Architecture and Construction" at WSEiZ. In his professional work he deals with both environmental issues and the management of the construction process in the public and commercial sectors. Privately, she is a mother of three children, interested in juggling and deepening her knowledge of rest, relaxation and recovery techniques.
Tomasz Chudzinski
Project Group Director
Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Nicolaus Copernicus University. He has many years of experience in the field of development and infrastructure projects. Over the course of his almost 20-year professional career, he has gained experience both on the side of the Investor and the General Contractor. He has successfully completed more than a dozen projects under the public-private partnership formula in the UK. He was responsible for the implementation of the e-TOLL electronic toll collection system. Privately, he is passionate about motorboat sports, bicycle trips and an avid mushroom picker.
Pavel Michevich
Director of legal dept.
Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. Gained more than 15 years of professional experience in Warsaw law firms specializing in servicing investment companies and entrepreneurs, including those in the infrastructure construction sector, as well as in parallel in his own legal practice. Professional in drafting and negotiating contracts, especially in investment and construction processes. He is involved in the creation of legal audits and handling transactions related to the start-up and restructuring of capital companies. Member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw. He is interested in stock markets, and in his spare time he pursues forest cycling expeditions.
Roland Caban
Senior Project Manager
Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics with a specialization in Real Estate Management. He has 20 years of experience in the real estate market, which he gained in companies such as: HOCHTIEF Polska, elbfonds Development, Reesco, Mzuri Investments. He has successfully completed numerous construction projects, including a shopping center in Kutno worth PLN 40 million, finishing projects for office buildings in Warsaw, and renovation and development projects in the residential real estate market in Warsaw and Lodz. Privately passionate about pre-war Warsaw, he closely follows the capital's urban changes.
Maria Stańska-Nowicka
Senior Office Manager
Graduate of Environmental Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology and Postgraduate Studies in Taxation and Tax Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw, MA in Dramatic Acting. Manager with 5 years of experience in running finances and administration in the real estate development industry. Privately a mother, passionate about theater and film art, a runner and a cartoonist.
Normalcy in the spirit of ecology
An ecological approach is a fundamental principle of our operation. sustainable development and environmental protection are a matter of course for us, dictated by our practical responsibility for future generations.

This is because we are aware that we have reached a point in history that no longer allows us to ignore the signals sent by the planet.

Therefore, we critically analyze our projects and identify elements that require necessary improvements. Caring for the environment is, after all, an investment in the future of us all.
Social responsibility
We create places designed for people, so their needs are a priority for us. We know how important it is to use amenities that take into account social diversity.

We shape an accessible environment, taking into account the different needs and abilities of users. Our infrastructure is friendly not only to adults, but also to children as well as to people with limited mobility or those with low vision or blindness. Our goal is to create a space that is easily accessible to all, regardless of individual limitations or preferences.

This is because in our company we believe that social responsibility is extremely important. This is why we place great importance in projects on conscious choices that affect the daily functionality and comfort of residents.
Cosmatik Foundation
We believe that real estate development activities can carry a number of additional benefits. Wanting to turn a commercial activity into a thing of high social value, we established the Kosmafik Foundation. Our main goal is to support the mental health of children and young people.

In our view, an investment in the younger generation is an investment in the future. In the first instance, we want to engage in supporting initiatives that work consistently with our profile and mission. In the longer term, we will implement projects of our own.
Our mission
We implement projects that combine modernity and functionality with the principles of sustainability.

We are people with passion and vision. In our work we avoid short-sighted thinking, being aware that what is created today will serve the next generations. We therefore carry out each investment with a mission, believing that we are just taking a step towards a better world.
Designs consistent with the surroundings and the existing urban fabric
Solutions that reduce the carbon footprint of investments
Openness to the needs of different social groups

Technology and materials

We are committed to combining construction
and environmental protection

We make sure that our projects are created in a conscious manner, with an emphasis on close cooperation with experts in sustainability and environmental engineering. Our projects are vetted for their environmental impact, we study their carbon footprint and strive to minimize it from the conceptual and architectural stages. This ensures that we are delivering buildings for the times.

In the future, we want to power construction sites with electricity sourced from our own photovoltaic farms. And in the long term, we are aiming to certify our projects, so we will have the added assurance that we are doing everything to ensure the highest quality in environmental terms as well.

We are reducing emissions

We use modern construction technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of investments we use materials with environmental accreditations, so we can measure our environmental impact.

We care about biodiversity

We plant environmentally indicated plants and do not use alien species. We use flower meadows and create habitats for insects. We avoid creating barriers for local fauna so as not to disrupt the natural migration routes of animals.

Energy efficiency

We introduce modern heating and ventilation technologies. We perform thermal imaging surveys of our buildings to make sure we deliver the highest quality. We pay attention to the permeability of surfaces so as not to interfere with natural hydrological processes.

Anti-smog paints

We use anti-smog paints to help neutralize atmospheric pollution.

Investments under sale
See our latest investments

Ursus stop

Piastowska Street, Warsaw
  • Ursus stop
  • Start date: Q4 2024
  • Completion date: IQ 2026

Away from the hustle and bustle, but still close to all the necessary urban amenities, our project - the Ursus Bus Stop Estate - is under construction. The project consists of 7 modules, 4 houses each, making a total of 28 residential units. Each of the houses has been designed with the needs of future residents in mind.

Tenement house Nova Chopina 22

22 Chopina St., Pruszkow
  • Tenement house Nova
  • Start date: IQ 2024
  • Completion date: Q2 2025

Meet our new investment in Pruszkow.
Tenement Nova Chopina 22 will become an integral part of the city, bringing both aesthetic and functional value to the city.
The building will consist of 17 exclusive apartments, with areas ranging from 53 to 131sqm, located on 4 floors.

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